Elcy’s Cafe Loves Valley Green Coffee

Remarkable Coffee

We get all of our coffees freshly roasted from our sister company, Valley Green Coffee. This ensures that you get some of the best, certainly the freshest, coffee in the world.  Our desire is to share our love of coffee with you and to help inform American palettes what good fresh coffee tastes like (hint: at the very least it doesn’t come in a jar, can or plastic container and it has a ‘roasted on’ date within the past month).

Our standard inventory of coffee includes:

  • Espresso
  • Decaf Espresso

Valley Green Signature Blends

  1. Devils Pool Dark
  2. Forbidden Drive
  3. Kitchens Lane
  4. Wissahickon

We also rotate in a significant number of delicious Fair Trade and Organic Single Origin coffees from Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil and other countries.