Why good coffee matters

I know I’ve asked this question before but I’ll do it again as I believe it is worth repeating. “You wouldn’t voluntarily eat stale bread so why drink stale coffee when you have excellent options? That question bothered me until I started parsing out various components:

  1. Corporate coffee shops are everywhere so it makes it convenient to buy stale coffee (yes, almost 100% of corporate coffee is stale)
  2. Most people’s palates are trained to expect stale coffee
  3. If a corporation markets their coffee as premium or fresh brewed or 100% arabica beans or mountain grown most consumers are not educated enough on the product to realize that those terms have nothing to do with a quality cup of coffee
  4. Many folks are just too busy and stressed to care.

I’m busy and stressed, too, and I really care about the quality of the cup of coffee you drink. That is why Amy and I own Valley Green Coffee Roasters and Elcy’s Cafe. I’ll explain more about why that matters to you in another post.