Eternal Happy Meal


2-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal on display at Papillion chiropractor’s office

By KelseyStewart / World-Herald News Service

February 21. 2014 12:01AM

During the month of February, The Bridge Chiropractic and Wellness Center is celebrating a birthday — that of a 2-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal.

The no-so-happy Happy Meal has been on display in the office at 1213 Golden Gate Drive, since Andrew Rivera, director of the practice, purchased it two years ago.

“We have it on a glass platter so everyone can see it,” Rivera said. “It’s been exposed to the air, and it’s still intact. There are so many preservatives in these processed foods that it will never mold.”
The purpose of displaying the meal is to show people the importance of nutrition.

“People are great visual learners, so let’s let them see what it really looks like,” he said. “They’re stunned.”
All parts of the meal are intact, from the bag of fries to the burger’s cheese, ketchup and pickle.

“It’s a fun thing for them to see,” Rivera said. “Health starts from the inside out. It’s what you put into your body.”
A spokeswoman for the national fast food chain said, “McDonald’s serves real, quality food.”


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