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Elcy’s Cafe Special 3/13/14

House roasted chicken with barbecue sauce, red onion, bacon, lettuce, and tomato with melted American cheese on toasted sourdough.

1. Thai chicken
2. Beef Vegetable
3. French Onion

Chicken melt

Elcy’s Cafe Special 3/12/14: House Roasted Turkey

House roasted Turkey with sliced apple, bacon, Swiss cheese, sprouts, lettuce, tomato and a champagne mustard mayonnaise on toasted multigrain bread.

-Thai chicken
-Beef vegetable
-French onion

Elcy’s: Real food. Really.


Elcy’s Cafe Special 3/11/14

BLT with red onion, red leaf lettuce, tomato and a homemade pineapple mayo on toasted sourdough

Spicy Thai chicken
Beef vegetable
French onion

Elcy’s: More than just awesome coffee …


Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/10/14

Roasted chicken, roasted red peppers, pickled red onion, spinach, feta-oregano spread and curry mayo on sourdough toast.

1. Spicy Thai Chicken
2. Beef Vegetable
3. French Onion

Elcy’s: your coffee destination!

Elcy's Special 3-10-14

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 3/7/14

Tuna Melt
Tuna, red onion, with melted Swiss, on a bed of tomatoes, sprouts, and red leaf lettuce, on multigrain toast.
1. Texas Beef Chili with Beans
2. Sweet Potato Chicken Chowder
3. French Onion

Tuna Melt



Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/6/14

Chicken Melt

Roasted Chicken, American cheese, raw red onion, tomato, lettuce, homemade guacamole on sourdough toast.

1. Sweet Tomato
2. Texas Chili with Beef & Beans
3. French Onion

Cheese Melt

Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/5/14

BLT with roasted jalapeno cream cheese and a thin layer of peach basil jelly on a toasted bagel

1. Sweet cherry tomato
2. Texas beef and bean chili
3. French onion

Elcy’s Cafe: Where coffee lives!

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Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/4/14

The International Club
Hand carved Turkey, homemade Russian dressing, onion, tomato, & lettuce, with Swiss cheese and bacon on sourdough toast.

1. Texas Beef Chili with Beans
2. Sweet cherry tomato
3. French Onion

Elcy’s: really different. Better.


Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 3/3/14

Turkey, bacon, spinach, melted provolone, sliced pink lady apples on toasted multigrain with honey and Dijon mustard

1. Texas beef chili with beans
2. Tortellini with Wild mushrooms
3. French Onion
4. Chicken Noodle