Month: March 2014

Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/31/14 House Roasted Turkey

House roasted turkey, red onion, tomato, sprouts, roasted jalapeno cream cheese and avocado on toasted multigrain.

1.Chicken tomato Florentine (GF)
2.Sweet cherry tomato (V, GF)
3.French onion

Elcy’s Cafe: Catch the buzz!


Elcy’s Cafe Specials 3/25/14 House Roasted Turkey

Hand-carved turkey, tomato, red onion, avocado, sprouts, American cheese, red leaf lettuce with mayo and champagne mustard on toasted sourdough

1. black lentil with Tuscan kale
2. beef vegetable
3.French onion

You wouldn’t eat stale bread. Don’t drink stale corporate coffee. Elcy’s Loves Valley Green Coffee!



Elcy’s Cafe: Specials 3/24/14

Grilled Cheese with provolone and American cheese spinach and tomato drizzled with honey mustard on toasted multigrain

Beef Vegetable
Chicken Noodle
French Onion

Elcy’s Cafe: eat well and drink delicious coffee.


Elcy’s Cafe Special 3/18/14: Homemade Roasted Chicken Salad w/Bacon

Homemade roasted Chicken Salad with bacon, sprouts, tomato, red onion, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard on toasted multi-grain bread.

1. Tomato cheddar
2. Cream of Broccoli
3. French Onion

Elcy’s Cafe: Resistance is futile.

Homemade chicken salad

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 3/17/14

Roast hand carved chicken, spinach, caramelized onions, melted provolone, tomatoes with a roasted garlic and aioli spread on toasted sourdough.

Tomato cheddar
Cream of broccoli
French onion

Elcy’s: made to order just for you!




A little bit about me 2

Our farm on the mountainside had shade trees, overlooking a long valley cut by a stream.

All of my friends and I were the same age and all hung around together. The sunlight filtering through the trees, the hot sun, and water made us grow strong and healthy.

this went on for quite a while until we started to mature a little. then things started to change for us.

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 3/15/14

Tuna Salad, bacon, American cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato with Dijon mayo on toasted multigrain sandwich


Today’s Soup:

1. Tomato Cheddar (gluten free)

2. Cream of Broccoli (gluten free)

3. French Onion


Elcy’s Cafe: bastion of authentic food and coffee in a wilderness of chemical infused over processed convenience consumables. Eat real. Stay healthy. Drink coffee freshly roasted by your friends.


Elcy’s Cafe Special: 3/4/14

BFF: Bring a Friend Friday

Tuna salad with pickled red onion, cucumber, red leaf lettuce, Swiss with honey mustard dressing on multigrain toast.

1. Thai chicken soup
2. Beef vegetable
3. French onion