Month: July 2014

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/31/14

Chicken, bacon, Swiss, sliced apple, lettuce, with a sweet Dijon mayo on sourdough toast.

1. Curried chicken chowder
2. Smoked turkey corn chowder

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/30/14

Tuna salad, red pepper cucumber, sprouts, and provolone cheese all drizzled with a citrus dill mayo on a croissant

-Curried chicken chowder
-Smoked turkey corn chowder

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/29/14

Turkey, bacon, avocado, onion, tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese, and Honey Mustard on toasted multi-grain.

1. Curried Chicken Chowder
2. Smoked Turkey corn chowder

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/28/14

Chicken, bacon, red onion, tomato, sprouts, avocado topped with a bbq mayo with melted American cheese on a croissant

Tomato cheddar
Chicken noodle

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/26/14

Egg salad sandwich with bacon, tomato, lettuce and pickled onions on multigrain toast

1. Tomato cheddar (gf)
2. Chicken noodle

Top it off with a latte!

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/25/14

What a great day!

Turkey, bacon, cucumber, tomato, spinach, with Swiss and provolone cheese and a house made dill mayo on a croissant.

1. Tomato Cheddar
2. Chicken Noodle

Think iced lattes!

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/24/14

Tuna salad with diced homemade pickles, bacon bits, raw onion on a bed of lettuce and tomato, on toasted multi grain bread.

1. Chicken Noodle
2. Tomato cheddar

Don’t forget a smoothie or iced latte or cappuccino.

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/23/14

Chicken, tomato, spinach red onion, homemade pesto mayo, melted provolone, on toasted sourdough

1. Chicken noodle
2. Lobster bisque

Try an iced mocha or latte!

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/22/14

Turkey, bacon, pickled red onion, avocado, sprouts, cucumbers, and Swiss cheese drizzled with a fresh strawberry sage vinaigrette on toasted multi-grain.

1. Sweet cherry tomato
2. Lobster bisque

Espresso, espresso. How we love our espresso!

Elcy’s Cafe Specials: 7/21/14

Roasted chicken, bacon, zucchini, roasted red pepper, red onion, spinach, and provolone topped with chipotle mayo on toasted sourdough

1. Sweet cherry tomato
2. Lobster bisque

Be sure to check out our brand new espresso machine. The lattes are out of this world!